Escada Perfume Review

July 17, 2012

I've been really getting into my perfume lately so when I had the chance to smell and review these Escada perfumes I jumped at the offer! I received the three limited edition scents called Island Kiss, Sexy Grafitti and Rocking Rio. The packaging for each bottle is beautiful and makes them look extra special. They're also very colours and bright which goes along with their summer like fragrence and comes with a little charm which really adds a special touch. Since wearing my favourite scent, Island Kiss, loads of my friends have been complimenting me saying I smell really nice, woo! 

Island Kiss is a very tropical, exotic fragrence and is something I will definatly be taking away with me on holiday! I love how it's so fruit and fresh yet isn't too strong and in your face. If you were to get this fragrence I find you would have to top out throughout the day so that you can still smell the scent. Moving onto Sexy Graffiti which is my second favourite out of the three! Again this is a very summer scent although it isn't as fruity as the Island Kiss. Sexy Graffiti is very similar to Island Kiss although I would say that  Sexy Graffiti  has a slightly less fruit and more mature smell to it but again isn't too overpowering! Moving onto Rocking Rio and probably my least favourite out of the three but a scent I still love! I find this scent to be less summer like and more of a mature perfume without the granny scent to it! If you're into fruit scents I wouldn't recommend this one for you!  Overall, I love Escada and I think I've finally found my perfume that I can get people to buy for me!

Gemma x

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  1. I always want to smell these, everyone raves about them,


  2. heard a lot about these on youtube.
    instragram- adoramehitabel