Wednesday, July 04, 2012

OOTD Higher Love

Cardi - Primark (Old)
Dress - H&M
Belt - Primark

So I've decided to get more into outfit posts as well as doing my reviews on beauty products, this is a bit different from my old outfit posts as I've used some edgy vintage effects, look at me all technical! I brought this belt as a set of 3 which was only £2.50, the best buy I've ever brought from Primark. It came with a white belt, brown belt and this black studded detail belt, all the essential colours you need! This is one of my favourite dresses from H&M although all their dresses come up very small on my top half and then end up gapping :(! I havn't actually worn this grey cardigan as I thought it was hideous but then I tried it on the other day and I am in love with it, perfect for when I go to Spain!

Do you prefer these posts?

Gemma x


danielleyc said...

Love the dress and belts - can't believe how much of a bargain they were!
I find a few H&M dresses are small up top, my favourite dress from there gapes a bit, and I don't even have anything to make it gape up top! Haha :) xx

Donna Dell said...

the belt just ties it all together. love the outfit!

Jackie said...

I love it, especially the belt -- it cinches your waist and gives you a nice hourglass shape. :) The cardigan is really cute, too! I hope you do more of these. Also, could you do a post on how you style your hair? It looks gorgeous in these photos!

Gemma Bellfield said...

Thank you Danielle same here! Ahh glad I'm not only the one with their dresses, it's a shame cos they're so nice!

Thanks Donna :)

Thank you Jackie! I will be doing more of these definatly :) My hair is actually naturally like that haha!

Lauraxamy said...

What a bargain but with the belt! It really adds an extra something to the dress, looks lovely x

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