OPI Nail Strengthener

July 25, 2012

(When I first applied the two coats)

(1 Week and a bit of using this nail strengthener)

I hate it when my nails get to a nice length but they break so easily and I then have to cut and start over again. After searching around the blogosphere I came across OPI's Nail Strengthener and with such good reviews I had to try it out as I was desperate to get healthy long nails! The first thing I feel I should mention is the price, now I have found loads of different prices but it generally retails at around £10 which I think is pretty expensive for a nail varnish, I usually don't mind spending £3 at most. Thanks to Richard at OPI I was lucky to receive this as a sample, and if my nails were in serious, and I mean serious need of treatment then I would probably purchase this again as it did show results although £10 is quite expensive for me.

Now I actually read instruction on how to apply this product, you're meant to apply two coats and then every other day another coat. Once it's been a week, take it all off and start over again. I didn't really like applying the coats on top of each other as often as I found it going quite bubbly due to the obsessive amount of layers so instead I used my Bourjois Nail Varnish Remover as I find that isn't as harsh on the nails and take it off after a week and then re apply. This worked well for me and as you can see in the results above I did find it working. My nails grew longer but they weren't as brittle as they used to be, they wouldn't break as easily! When first starting I don't think I cut them short enough so that they could grow back as healthy as possible so this week I will probably recut them quite short and then start from there. 

I would recommend this product if your nails were very brittle and broke easily, if your nails are pretty healthy already then don't bother as I don't think it's worth spending £10 on a nail varnish unless you can afford to splash out! It did give good results and I have noticed my nails strengthen, if the price was lower then I definatly would be repurchasing this more often!

Gemma x

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