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July 26, 2012



Since turning 18 I'm always on the lookout for simple yet eye capturing dresses that I can wear clubbing as I didn't have many outfits suitable. Obviously a little black dress is perfect for the occasion and you can never go wrong with them although I wanted a little revamp on the simple LBD, something that made it more special and glamorous. After searching through Goddiva and their Party Dresses they have so many beautiful dresses and here are my top 6 Revamped LBD's. 

1 - I have seen so many different versions of this type of dress and have been looking into getting one as I love the details that give the dress a bit of rock and roll feel. I thought this one was perfect as it isn't too over the top and the pattern is really flattering for any body shape giving the effect that you have an hour glass figure. 

2 - As you can see by this post I'm loving the whole silhouette dress. I liked this one in particular as it has little studded detail on the silhouette pattern making it that little bit more special. This would be amazing to  give somebody with a Boyish frame that Hourglass figure as the silhouette isn't right on the sides its slightly in the middle therefore helping the optical illusion!

3 - I love this dress as it's so simple, you can chuck on a black blazer for a day at work, throw it over some leggings with boots of dress up with some heels and jewellery at night. The simple design again makes this dress eye capturing yet very versatile as it isn't too in your face.

4 - I had seen a similar dress like this in H&M without the beads on the side, if you're like me and don't feel overly comfortable in a bodycon all the time then this is perfect, pop up a red lipstick with the dress to give it a real sexy feel to it! The sheer top and bead design on the sleeves really give it that edge!

5 - This one is similar to number one although toned down a lot! The design isn't too empowering yet makes the dress more special, I love it in a bandeau style as this also makes the dress look more special and glamorous of short sleeves. You barely need any accessories with this and the design acts as a belt as well! If you don't want to wear such an eye capturing dress but still want to look special then this one if for you! 

6 - This is one of my favourite silhouette dresses, instead of black and white it's black and peach, it really adds to giving you an hourglass figure and can easily be dressed up and down. With this I would wear a statement collar necklace a studded back to give it some rock and roll and contrast with the subtle pink!

What's your favourite dress?
Gemma x

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  1. I love dress number four because like you I feel really self conscious in body con dresses they just draw attention to everything you don't want to be noticed!
    Chloe x x x