Flawless Friends Challenge - Perfect Summer Look

August 05, 2012

As you guys may or may not know I am a part of Witch's Flawless Friends and for their first challenge they have asked us to come up with our perfect summer look whether it would be an outfit or make up for a big night out. I've gone for make up on a big night out! The winner of this competition wins flawless friend of the month AND a beautiful Marc Jacobs Make Up bag! 

I've decided to go for a classic smokey eye with a summer twist on it, I've used reds, oranges and yellows to create the effect of a sunset on her eyes, I've then added some eye liner and mascara to make the look perfect for a big night out. I used Witches BB cream as in summer I wouldn't really wear foundation and then some bronzer to make the look more striking! My rule with make up is if the eyes are over powering keep the lips simple and vice versa, so with this look I've given her a peachy pink glossy lip that ties the look together. 

I really had fun creating this look and it would probably be my summer big night out look as it isn't too dark and heavy yet really eye capturing and something special! The products I've used are listed below;

Witch's Primer
Witch's BB Cream
Witch's Compact Powder
Beauty UK Eyeshadow Palette
Collection 2000 Liquid Eye Liner
Beauty UK False FX Mascara
Liz Earle Bronzer
DKNY Lip Gloss (the colour has rubbed off!)

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Gemma x

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  1. this is a gorgeous look, love the eyes the most :)
    check out my giveaway if you have the chance!

  2. This looks stunning :) I love the sunset colours on your eyes :) And the Witch BB Cream looks really good - your skin looks flawless!

  3. great post, your skin is utterly amazing!

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

  4. Totally gorgeous! I love this look :) also love your blog (I found it from your twitter link) and am now following xxx