Red Hot Sunglasses

August 06, 2012


Everybody needs that one pair of designer sunglasses, especially if you're in England as you rarely get sun! Now, knowing me, I love a good bargain and I've come across a site called Red Hot Sunglasses that sell men and womens designer sunglasses, although if you look in the right place you can grab some glasses for half the price! The ones above are some of my favourites on their site and as you can see some of them are even less than half price! 

The literally have every designer, shape, colour and frame so that there are ones to suit everybody! Plus if you decide that they aren't the right pair then there are fuss free returns! Now even though some are less than half price they do stock some of the latest collections from top designers like Alexander McQueen so depending on how much you want to pay there is a pair for everyone! What are some of your favourites?

Gemma x

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  1. What a great website I am definitely gonna check them out what great deals. Love the moschino ones.

    Chloe xo