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August 17, 2012

Nail Art Pen in Black and White - Hairtrade*

I was kindly sent these Nail Art Pens out as my previous Argos ones had dried out and I used them all the time! I was really excited to use these as my Argos pens were amazing. Now these Nail Art Pens are only £3.59 and I'm sure you could find cheaper ones on eBay but my Argos onces were about £20-£25 for 7? I guess the Argos pens work out cheaper but some of them were horrible colours and I'd prefer to pay a bit more to use the colours that I wanted. The first thing I noticed when they arrive but didn't expect any more of is the packaging. It is just a standard plastic bottle although when I when to push down the lids on one of them the plastic bottle with the liquid in just squashed, thankfully it didn't splatter anywhere! The actual brushes and pin of the product is great, I did cut them a little to be a bit pointier as I wanted to do more complex designs but apart from that they were great!

The actual nail varnish inside the bottle differed in my opinion. The white liquid was of a good consistency and wasn't too thick nor too watery where as with the black one I found the liquid to be watery and less pigmented when I applied it to my nails, I found myself doing about 2-3 coats for that one. However, I did a bit of googling and ended up leaving the bottle open for about 30 mins and it has become a little thicker! These pens are exactly like my Argos ones, they are great for some amateur nail designs and to give your nails some decoration! I would definatly recommend them if you wanted to play around with some designs or learn how to do them! You can get millions of different colours on HairTrade's website so definatly check them out!

Gemma x 

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  1. How lovely! If only I had the artistic talent to do this haha. Or rather, a steady hand! Great post lovely. xx

  2. Your black and white nails look lovely! I got my nail pens off e-bay aand they work the same as the hair factory ones. So it is worth a look on e-bay!


  3. That looks great. I'm too shaky to do straight lines. I always need the help of striping tape :oP