Dova Spa Oxygenating Drops

August 16, 2012

For a while I've noticed my skin looking quite dull and just needing that boost so when I had the chance to review Dova Spa's Oxygenating Drops I jumped at the offer! They are designed to revitalise your skin, Vitamins B3 and B5 recharge the skin with moisturising benefits to help renew and brighten its appearance. It says on the back of the box to use one vial per week for a month although I havn't gotten through one in a week even though I've been using it every day! The way I apply it is by putting a drop on my forehead, cheeks, nose and chin they massage the product into my skin. I don't find there to be a distinctive scent to the product, it's really light and feels like you're putting water onto your face. I would say it leaves my face slightly sticky after putting it on but nothing too uncomfortable 

The packaging is beautiful and definatly reflects it's price being around £40. The glass tinted bottles really makes the product look expensive and I love the test tube type application making it easy to control the amount of product you are putting onto your face. I prefer to use it here and there rather than every day as this way the products last longer and you treat it more like a treatment. I've noticed since using this product my skin looks more plump, refreshes and my pores actually are much smaller than before - something I hated about my skin! I do think these have a really good effect on your skin and are definatly my go to product for when my skin feels a bit iffy and needs to be revitalised!

Gemma x

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