Giveaway - Win 1 of 5 Witch BB Creams!

September 02, 2012

Giveaway ends at 12:01am 17th September.
Open to UK only.

Since being picked to be a part of Witches Flawless Friends I have the opportunity to giveaway not 1 but 5 of their new BB Creams which I personally think are the best thing in the world at the moment! Not only does it help cover up any acne, spots etc. it also moisturisers and helps clear your skin! Witch's BB Cream has the following advantages;

·         Provides all day hydration, with a moisturisers to help skin look younger for longer and prevent blemishes.
·         Contains 8% witch hazel, a natural astringent with antibacterial properties and the ability to soothe skin and minimise pores.
·         Provides UVA and UVB protection with SPF15, protecting skin from the sun’s daily damaging rays and free radicals*.
·         Creates a naturally flawless look, blurring imperfections to help boost glow and even skin tone.
·         Dermatologically tested and ideal for oily skin.
·         Skin looks dewy and fresh thanks to its tinted moisturiser finish.

Also a quick message to say sorry for being such a rubbish blogger at the moment, I've got back from holiday and had the good news of getting into UNI so not only have I been sorting out stuff for that I've also been trying to catch up with friends, plus I havn't been feeling in the bloggy mood lately. This week I will be blogging regulary and have some AMAZING reviews lined up as well as some beautiful sponsored posts that may interest you! Good luck with the giveaway!

Gemma x

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  1. I love BB Creams, i have a few my favourite so far is the no7 BB Cream. Ax

  2. i adore bb creams!! garnier was my first and by far the best but i am always on the hunt for a new one and a witch one seems like a good one as i ahve problem skin and am always worried that the bb creams i use block my pores and dont let me skin breathe! they sure as hell don't contain any wonder ingredients like the witch ones do to sort out my problem skin!! :D

  3. I love BB creams - I actually prefer them to tinted moisturisers, they provide better coverage for what I need (I have fairly large pores so I'm pretty self concious).

    I tried an amazing one in the She Said Beauty Box, it's a brand called Ginvera - definitely worth checking out :) xx

  4. I love the BB creams I've tried so far, It seems like they do not clog my pores as much

  5. I'm yet to try a BB cream - I don't know what's stopped me so far - but I'd really love to give it a go! :) x

  6. I really like BB Creams, although at the moment I've gone back to primer instead as I have a couple to use up! x

  7. I've yet to try a BB cream but I have heard amazing things about them! x