Moschino Loves

September 03, 2012

When looking at other blogs I know that I will always spot at least one Moschino belt while browsing so I decided to look into Moschino and what other items that actually do apart from their famous belt. When looking on a website called Whites Boutique I found loads of their clothes and accessories from different seasons including some of their latest pieces. I really love the dress on the far left and think the price isn't that bad seeing as you would pay around £200 for one of their belts anyway and a belt is included in this dress. The black jersey dress looks very flattering and simple and is something I'd love to add to my wardrobe! I thought the clutch bag was really cute and different, I havn't seen many bags with this design and it could be worn in the evening as well as the day! The belt is one of my favourites, the simplicity of the design is what makes it so eye capturing, for £215.00 it is a lot so I may have to find a cheeky fake instead! The run jumper is my favourite out of them all, it has away on the back and I think it's such a chic jumper that again you could dress up or down!

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What are your favourites?
Gemma x

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