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September 13, 2012

Even though being female, I can't help but walk past mens clothing shops and look at their clothing, I'm sure we all have our ideal boyfriend and imagine them with what they're wearing. A few of my male friends always ask for me comments on items of clothing and when I came across Red Square Clothing I couldn't resist looking at some of their clothing and recommending them to some of my male friends! Above are some of my ideal outfits/clothing that I love at the moment for mens fashion. I'm a massive fan of checked shirts myself and love them on a guy especially when they're wearing a pair of chinos with them, teamed with a snapback really pulls the oufit off. As you can see in my first picture those are my two favourites on the site and are not too badly priced! The other pictures are my favourites in the sale and not only fashionable but super cheap! So far I'm recommending this site to all my male friends, if only I had a boyfriend, I would end up buying clothes for them too! 

What are your opinions?
Gemma x

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  1. Great! I recently found an amazing site for men's clothing. It's and you can find very stylish stuff there!