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September 12, 2012


*INIKA: Face in a box - £49.95

INIKA is a cosmetics brand where all their products are 100% Vegan, Certified Halal and Certified Cruelty Free. INIKA is suitable for all ages and skin types including those with sensitive skin and allergies! Not only did their mineral products interest me but I also wanted to see how their products affected my skin compared to the make up I usually use. I was lucky to get their 'Face in a box' in the shade Unity sent out to me to try and review, the box includes Mineral Bronzer, Mineral Foundation, Kabuki Brush, Eyeshadow Brush and 3 sample sized products which were Liquid Foundation, Concealer ad Primer. Overall the actually set would cost £118 which I think £49.95 is actually a really good price especially as you get some little sample products as well! 

Sample Products
Starting with the primer, this was my favourite sample sized product as it had an amazing smell, it was very soft on my skin and you also needed a tiny amount! This would actually be a product that I would buy as compared to some other primers I use it isn't at all sticky, you don't have to wait and let it sink in and it also is very moisturising. The next sample product was the Liquid Foundation. I wasn't as pleased with this, maybe because I like a thicker coverage than this, I would say if you had pretty good skin and you only needed to even out your skin tone then this product would be perfect for you, again it's light, smells beautiful and you only need the tiniest amount. Lastly, the concealer, again if you had quite bad skin I wouldn't rely on this product to conceal them well as it isn't as thick as I usually use. However, this product applies really smoothly, has the most amazing smell, covers small imperfections and dark circles around the eyes so currently it's working really well for my skin!

Mineral Powder Bronzer and Foundation
Now I've never used a powder Foundation so when I first got this I was a little bit nervous to use it, mainly because I like a medium to heavy coverage and I was unsure that it would be as good. Personally, it didn't work and cover my skin as well even though it feels like you have no make up on and is so soft when applied to your skin. I ended up using this as a setting powder and it worked perfect and it my go to product every day. If you had ok to good skin then I would recommend this as it's so light and soft on your skin also having a light to medium coverage. I know when my face is good I try to use less make up so I will definatly be going to this product! Next is the Mineral Bronzer, now this is my favourite product by far. What I hate with bronzers is when they're too dark for my pale skin so when I applied the bronzer from INIKA I could control the amount so much better and also gradually build it onto my cheeks. This is honestly the product I'm most impressed by and would definatly purchase, it's great for any skin types and tones and like all their other products so soft on the skin!

Both the Kabuki brush and Eyeshadow Brush are also my favourites especially the Kabuki Brush! I have never put something so soft to my face before and I really like the way the Kabuki Brush helps blend in my powder, bronzer or blusher. It really does give me an airbrushed look and is now something I use everyday. I love the eyeshadow brush as it's great for either eye shadows or for what I use, applying bronze to contour the nose, temples and lips. They are both extremely soft and makes blending the easiest thing on earth - I 100% recommend these to everybody!

Gemma x

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  1. I adore Inika cosmetics. Esp their eyeliners, they are so creamy and long lasting! xo