Witch BB Cream Giveaway Winners

October 01, 2012

Sorry for posting this extremely late, you guys can rant at me I've been so rubbish! Anyway a massive congratulations to the 5 winners from my giveaway, I will be emailing you all as you are reading this and getting the BB Creams sent out to you as soon as possible. Hope you guys have fun using it and I'd love to know how you're getting on with it! All a massive thank you to everybody that took part in the giveaway, there will be some coming up shortly (if I ever reach 300 followers)!

I just want to apologise for being such a rubbish blogger at the moment, I have just started University and I've had freshers week as well as so much work to begin with. I've also just lost that touch for blogging at the moment and I'm feeling so uninspired there are so many things I need to blog about but I'm not motivated enough. I will be blogging more regulary from now on though, especially after my birthday anyway which is this Saturday! Hope you guys have a lovely week!

Gemma x

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