Witch Flawless Friends Meet Up #2

October 25, 2012

So I finally got to attend the second meet up of Witch's Flawless Friends and it was amazing. It was based in the Soho Hotel which is such a beautiful place and I definatly had a little nose about as there was a cinema next door to us! We got the chance to meet the amazing Donna Dawson who is a psychologist and have a chat with her about confidence affects us. It was such an amazing chat and she is such a down to earth person, I will never forget to wear red on a day when I'm tired now as Donna Dawson says it makes you look fresh (note to self invest in plenty of red clothes). Also the blue is a very calming colour which is why Air Hostess', Doctors etc wear there, fun fact of the day! It was such an amazing evening, I hung out with Shope, Shore and Claire for a spot of shopping after as well, these girls are literally my long lost sisters! Overall I had such an amazing day while having tea in the Soho Hotel thanks to the Witch Team, can't wait for the next meet up!

Gemma x

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