CyberCandy - Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme

October 30, 2012

I am officially a part of CyberCandy Bloggers Family and I'm so excited! CyberCandy sells literally every type of candy you can think of and isn't just online! You can shop by county, type of candy and brand! Now I've always been intrigued by American chocolate and their candy so I went for their well known Hersheys bar with a twist, a Cookies 'n' Cream twist, and of course I couldn't settle for their average size bar! I would say the size of this bare is bigger than your large Cadbury bar and much tastier! Of course as soon as I got this delivered my family became my best friends haha, its a really good size for sharing and I think we all agreed that this chocolate bar is amazing! If it was in my local newsagents then I would buy this chocolate over any other one. You can actually taste the Cookie and Cream in the chocolate. 

I would say these are even great gifts to buy for people as they come beautifully boxed. If I ever had a friend some a specific country who was feeling home sick this is the first thing I would go to buy them. I'm intrigued with the gift boxes and will probably be putting a few on my list for friends who are candy lovers, especially because some of the candy you get in them are rare to find! I definatly recommend trying out some of the stuff on their site, they're reasonably priced too! Have you ever tried Hersheys?

Gemma x

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  1. This is really nice. I think it's so coo how this bar is just something everyday to me, since I live in America, but it's exotic to you!

    I will def. be checking out that site, I've always wanted to try Swiss chocolate.
    and yes! The Hershy's cookies n cream bar in delicious!

    1. Yeah I know! It's so weird but seriously Hershey's is amazing now that I've tried it haha x

  2. Hey Gemma - just thought I'd say hello after seeing you on cybercandy bloggers. I've just been browsing your posts and I love your blog :)

    Gem x |

    1. Hey Gem!
      Thanks for checking my blog out :) xxx