Cookie Dough Bites Review

November 12, 2012

So I got these goodies sent out to me the other day and are another 'American Candy'. I'm so interested in trying stuff from other countries and CyberCandy is the best place to find candy from a variety of countries. This time I decided to go for chocolate again but with a bit of a fudge brownie twist. They come beautifully packaged like before and are a perfect size to give to somebody as a gift! Personally I think these kind of packs are perfect for a movie night in with the girls or something as they are those kind of nibbly foods along with popcorn. At £2.20 I wouldn't say they are that bad seeing as you could end up buying a big pack of maltesers for £2 and these are from America, not something you can get in your local store! They come in a variety of different flavours and I would say the cupcake ones are definatly on my list for next time to try!

Getting on with how they actually taste, it was quite weird. They were soft inside like a brownie and extremely tasty. I think I liked them the most out of my family, my mum wasn't too keen on them where as me and my dad liked them! They're definatly something different and worth trying if you like your chocolate. They really are tasty as well and even though there aren't millions on these little balls in the pack you don't really want to eat that many or they can become quite sickening because they're so chocolatey! 

Do you think you would try these?

Gemma x

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  1. These look lovely! I'm a big fan of pretty much any chocolatey treats but it is always nice to get something you can;t just pick up in the local supermarket!