Repertoire Fashion - Bags Galore

November 07, 2012

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I never really used to be into handbags especially as every single one of my bags would break after 3 months of using them. After buying a half decent one and lasting me more than 3 months I've been interested in buying more designer hand bags as the quality can be so much better. I can across Repertoire Fashion that stocks literally everything but my favourite was their bags, from Armani Jeans to Ted Baker to Vivienne Westwood. Above is just an image I put together of some of my favourite bags from their site (hopefully Santa will see this haha). My favourite has to be either the Vivienne Westwood (top left) or the metallic bow bag just underneath it. They would be amazing for christmas with LBD and your outfit would be sorted. 

What's your favourite?

Gemma x

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