Flawless Friend Challenge

November 06, 2012

This challenge from Witches Flawless Friends was to nominate a fellow blogger who deserved a treat and I feel this is Laura from Thatssoyesterday

If there ever was a girl who I could say is always smiling, cheerful and positive I wouldn't even hesitate to say that it's Laura. I remember the first ever event I went to I had originally planned to go on my own and I was quite nervous however Laura kindly offered to meet up with me and come to the event. As soon as I met her I knew she was so down to earth and fun loving. She stuck by my side throughout the event as we tried on hats and drank beautiful cider and that really gave me confidence into blogging. Ever since then I would bump into her at other events and luckily enough she is also a part of Witches Flawless Friends so I get to see her at a variety of events! Every time we met up she would have a crazy story to tell us,plus she's amazing at finding her way through London! 

When I first met Laura she told me how old she was and I couldn't believe her! Plus the fact that she's had children was even more gobsmacking. Laura is such a beautiful girl inside and out and she truly has a heart of gold. She has faced negative things in the past that she has mentioned about on her blog but she will always take it on the chin and find away to move on, inspiring! 

Laura is like the mummy of the community, always looking out for you and making you smile. I really feel she needs a treat as she's such an inspiring friend and role model to not only me but many other bloggers and I don't think she even realises this! 

Gemma x

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  1. Like I said I cried at this, you are such a sweetie. Thank you so much for your kind words kitten xxxx

  2. I agree! Laura is simply amazing! <3 X


  3. I met Laura at Fashion Week in September. I just went over and introduced myself to the group of bloggers she was with and she ended up babysitting me for the rest of the day! She even took me as a plus one to a show she had tickets for. She is just the most genuine, lovely person and she has so much time for everyone. x