Spike/Stud Necklace

November 19, 2012

Next - Spiked Necklace*
(I can't find it online but I brought this in store)

A couple of weeks ago when I tagged along (gatecrashed) Nexts Lock In Event we were kindly gifted with a whopping £100 voucher (how kind of them?!). I was so overwhelmed in the shop with their jackets but as soon as I saw this necklace I knew that I would be purchasing this. I have been looking for a spiked necklace like this for a long time but they're normally around £7 and are plastic and cheap looking. Whenever somebody goes to touch this necklace when I'm wearing it they usually say 'I didn't expect it to be this heavy!'. Now I'm not saying this necklace breaks my back wearing it but you can just tell that it's a good quality necklace that is going to last for a long time plus for £10 I think it's a really good price especially comparing it to it's quality.

I really can't stop wearing it as it give any outfit a bit of an edge, you can wear it under collars or over plain tops to give the outfit a gothic feel. I really love the two levels of spikes on the necklace as it doesn't look to overcrowded but makes it more interesting. If you follow me on instagram you will usually spot this in every outfit post, I literally mean I can't stop wearing it haha. If you're looking for a spiked necklace like this I definatly recommend spending those extra pennies for a good quality necklace that you know will last you. 

What do you think of this necklace?

Gemma x

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  1. I love this necklace, it's gorgeous! I think I need one in my life :) xxx