Cardigans Galore

February 18, 2013

I’m officially back and blogging and thought I’d kick it off by blogging about some beautiful clothing from Bonmarche! It’s currently freezing in London at the moment and my cardigans are pretty much lacking in all areas. I do love to layer my clothes as I hate showing my arms therefore a dress and a cardigan is my go to outfit, when I came across Bonmarches womens buttoned cardigans I fell in love. Above are just a few of my favourites, I really love the texture and colours as they can brighten up any outfit and make them look that little bit extra glam. They are all currently on the website so if you fancy any (I know I do!) you can check them out! They’re also very reasonably priced so none of them will break the bank! May I also point out that the black and white cardigan is very on trend at the moment with monochrome and I can see this really brightening up a LBD/I need this dress in my life.

001 – This cute cream cardigan is just literally so cute! I can imagine this with any dress of mine and some frilly little socks and a pair of ankle boots. It’s just so simple and will literally go with anything so you definatly will get your moneys worth!

002 – I picked this one as I really like the pattern of it, it’s a sort of Aztec design in pastel colours, both of which I love. I do love my black dresses so I thought this cardigan could really brighten some of my outfits up without making me feel uncomfortable.

003 – This whole colour/design is really in at the moment and I specifically like it in grey, I also really like this colour with oxblood and oxblood is one of my favourites at the moment! It’s just one of those cardigans that’s not black but will go with everything.

004 – I really liked this colour as it’s not like any of my others cardigans but isn’t too eye popping! I also like the slouchyness of this cardigan, I’ve seen a few of these styles on popular bloggers and really loved how it looked so I definatly need to invest in at least one!

005 – Like I mentioned before, monochrome is really in at the moment and I love the stripe design on this cardigan it’s not too boring but doesn’t make me stand out too much. Again this cardigan will go with nearly everything!

006 – This cardigan is similar to the other blue one, and yes it does remind me of a grannies cardigan but for some reason that makes me love it even more! I like the little detailing on the collar of the cardigan, I can see this adding colour to any outfit.

What’s your favourite?
Gemma x

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  1. I love cardigans! Numbers 2 and 4 are my favourites.
    I never think to look in Bonmarche for clothes, I might have to have a peek!

    Jesss xo

    1. Mine too! :) I agree, they do some lovely bits haha x