Home Decor

February 17, 2013


As I'm getting older I feel like I constantly need to change my room and I've really gotten into home decor, just mini boxes, candles, flowers to make the room look beautiful. I decided to do a little post on some of my favourite bits in my room at the moment, I havn't listed them all so if you wanted to know where any of it came from just comment below and I'll reply! 

Candles are something I've really gotten into especially scented ones. My next step would be to change all the furniture in my room as it's all wood coloured and I feel my room would look a lot more mature and nicer if I had white furniture. Seeing as I've just brought a computer desk in the wood colour I will have to wait a bit for that. I really do love the minimalistic look of bedrooms so if you guys have any websites for designs/bits and pieces I'd love to check them out :)

Gemma x

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