My Favourite Accessory

February 28, 2013

Olivia Accessories - Necklace*

I can honestly say this without hesitating that this necklace is my favourite necklace at the moment! I'm not an overly earring, bracelet or ring person so you would often see my wearing a statement necklace of some sort but at the moment this is my favourite by far. When I first saw it on their website I was expecting it to be really light and plastic light but once it arrived I kind of went 'ooh' as it was much heavier than I expected! It feels like a really good quality necklace and it has stayed strong despite me wearing it practically every occasion I can! For £10 you could see it as a pricey necklace from a little shop online but it is definatly worth it as you know you are getting quality for your money.

It also goes well with literally any outfit, whether you want to dress up a plain black dress/shirt or want to add it underneath a collar as more of a statement necklace. I love both looks especially the collar one as it sits perfectly underneath the collar. The colour of the necklace is a rusty gold which is beautiful and makes the necklace look expensive and rare in a way. I really love the vintage feel, if you're looking for the perfect spike necklace then this is the one for you! It is honestly worth having in your jewellery box!

Gemma x

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