Flawless Friends Meetup + Harlem Shake

March 03, 2013


Shore, Helen, Shope, Claire, Me, Zoe, Sarah, Holly, Lily
(Taken from @witchskincare on Twitter)

So on Saturday the flawless friends from Witchskincare met up for a game of Bowling. I cannot explain how much fun this was, especially as me and Zoe were hitting the cocktails hard (I still can't remember the name). It was amazing fun and I showed off my skills resulting in my winning the game and my own golden pin! The amazing Lisa Valencia was on hand to complete our make up and I literally mean this when I say she is a god of make up. Usually I want to change a bit of what the make up artist has done but what she did to me was perfect and I nearly cried having to take it off! 

We all got our own personalised bowling shirt which I will probably be wearing again (check out my Instagram) which made me feel like a pro. Burgers, doughnuts and a good few cocktails later the event ended and headed home. Until me, Claire, Shope and Shore decided it would be good to drink some more cocktails and went to a bar called KINK in London which is amazing and so cheap! I had an amazing day all thanks to Witch and their amazing event planning. 

Lastly, we decided to do a Harlem Shake so check it out on YouTube here

Gemma x

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  1. Aww glad you lot had fun, I was so gutted I could not make it. I look forward to seeing everyone next time xx