50 Facts About Me Tag

April 12, 2013

I've seen these everywhere and I felt that actually I've never really expressed myself to you guys so what better way that to do 50 fact about me! There are some standard facts in there and some odd ones (I may or may not have given my dad food poisoning once). I'd really appreciate if you checked it out, comment subscribe, like etc! 

I've also not mentioned this but I'm really happy about that fact that I've reached over 100 followers on bloglovin. I know I have nearly 300 on GFC but seeing as that might be going it's nice to know that 100 of you still want to hear about the rubbish I talk! I have decided to do a giveaway at 150 followers as I've kind of missed the 100 point. Not sure what yet but something super cool obviously!

Gemma x

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