Debenhams Shows Diversity Is In Fashion

April 11, 2013

Debenhams has become the first high street retailer to show their latest collection using models in a diverse variety of ages, sizes and looks. Instead of using the industry norm of young thin models they have featured an amputee, three models over 40 and a paralympian athletic. Their swimwear shots are modelled by a curvy size 18 as seen above. 

For their High Summer Look Book, Debenhams worked with campaigner and fashion industry commentator Caryn Franklin MBE. The aim both hope is to further challenge perceived norms of the fashion industry showing that a broader range of body and beauty ideals is a good thing. "Our customers are not the same shape or size so our latest look book celebrates this diversity. We would be delighted if others followed our lead. Hopefully these shots will be a step, albeit a small one, towards more people feeling more comfortable about their bodies," said Ed Watson, Director of PR, Debenhams.

Debenhams has moved its campaign for health body image to be press-facing, the look book features:
· Alternative model, Kelly, born without her left forearm and discovered when she won TV show ‘Missing Next Top Model’.
· Paralympian amputee Stefanie Reid makes her modelling debut for Debenhams in the campaign.
· Jada, size 18 model and face of the recent Plus Size Fashion Week.
· Tess, a size six petite model, measuring in at just over five foot tall.
· Valarie, 69 and Maxine, 44, highlighting looking great isn’t anything to do with age
· Philomena, a size 18 model, who wants to be Britain’s first black plus size supermodel.
· Hugo 47, and six foot four Lucio. 

I think this is a beautiful idea that Debenhams has come up with and actually gone forward with. When looking at the photographs above, to me they are much more eye capturing than your average model. I thought I would share this with you guys as I thought this was such a nice topic to feature on my blog, bring on diversity!

Gemma x

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  1. I this such a great campaign ! super inspirational
    Great post hun x

    1. I really loved this campaign too!
      Thank you x

  2. I love this. Is so nice to see such a variety in a campaign. A lovely post to read xXx

    1. Exactly what I thought!
      Thank you very much xxx

  3. such a fantastic campaign, I love how the have included every part of the spectrum. Such a nice change! x

    1. Such a nice campaign right! Brilliant change I think :) x

  4. this campaign is amazing and so inpiring!
    sara x

  5. This is inspiring. This is what fashion should be all about, it shgould not discriminate.

    Thanks for sharing.


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