Warehouse Photoshoot - Postcards in Shoreditch

May 04, 2013


When I was contacted asking if I wanted to take a part in Warehouse's Photo shoot I first hesitated as I'm not used to being in front of the camera but I decided to push myself and go for it! I'm so glad I did because not only did I get to meet the AMAZING Rhian from Warehouse who done some amazing dancing for me to smile at while being shot but I also had an amazing experience and will definitely push myself for things like this again.

So the day before I met Rhian and we went to Warehouse together and picked out some clothes, I picked this monochrome dress as I love black and white and the fit and shape of it was very flattering, I don't have a dress like this at all and it's my go to formal dress. As it was a day shoot Rhian helped me pick out this green military jacket which gave the outfit a casual look and tied in really well with the dress. To match the casual look I added a beige studded bag and a neon necklace to give it some colour. I love the outfit, I would definitely wear it over and over again, I'm particularly in love with the jacket as you can wear it to any occasion as demonstrated in these pictures.

The day of the shoot I made my way to Rhian along with her assistant and the loveliest photographer I've met ! They made me feel so at ease despite being so late as I had never experience such awful rush hour! I had a great time all thanks to Rhian and Warehouse! One of the best experiences from my blog ever! What do you guys think of the look?

Check out the coverage on their Facebook here!

Gemma x

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  1. Well done for taking a chance! You looks lovely - and I love the necklace and bag!


  2. Wonderful shoot ! :) I love your watch ! :) Thanks for sharing . Please do drop by my blog if you have time !


    Cherry ~~