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April 17, 2013

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If you've been reading my blog for a while you know I've done a few posts before on Converse such as here. I got my first pair of Converse not too long ago and I'm always looking to add to the collection however my biggest target is to move away from the standard colours and explore different and brighter Converse. I've added a few of them in the photograph above from some really good sites I've come across that sell Converse such as eBay, tReds and Amazon

1 - Okay I know I said brighter but these aren't black or white so I think I can allow that one. This colour will go with everything from dresses, skirts and jeans. These are actually from tReds and they do millions of different Converse trainers and Converse shoes so you should definatly go and check them out and see if any of them take your fancy. I quite like the hi tops style but I don't think I could be too daring with colour so I've settled for this warm blue, probably one of my favourite new classics and will be entering my wardrobe any time soon.

2 - These are another pair of hitops but definatly fulfill my criteria of being more colourful. I love this oxblood colour and think they would look amazing with a pair of jeans and casual top for a day of Uni. They can really brighten up an outfit and make a statement without being too in your face. 

3 - So they are the black and black hi tops and not very exciting I'm afraid but they do beat my idea of 'classic Converse'. They would like great with a pair of leggings and bright top/tunic/dress. Again a really casual day look or pair it with some leggings a white shirt and a bold blue blazer and you're ready to hit the pub in comfort and style. 

4 - These are the oxblood pair just not hi tops and I prefer to wear this style with dresses and skirts, not sure why I just feel more comfortable. I could see these with a pair of tights and denim high waisted shorts being rocked for a festival type of look. Add some pretty jewellery and you're sorted for the event. Again I really like them for their subtle pop of colour to the outfit and think anybody could pull off this colour.

5 - These are a slightly different pair of Converse and I also found these on the tReds site, you can really find some unique pairs on there! I liked them for their natural colour and I would be really comfortable wearing these despite them not being the standard white or black. I think these would look amazing on holiday on the beach with a pair of high waisted shorts and a crop top, super casual, cosy and practical yet stylish too!

6 - Did I really pick this pair? A pair of shoes that's purple and I like them, oh yes I did. I don't know what's overcome me but I have fallen in love with the colour of these shoes, they're bright but I would want to wear them in so many different ways. I think it's the fact they're colourful but subtle so they can go with anything and add a pop colour. Gosh my wardrobe will start to look like the rainbow soon!

So those are my favourite pairs at the moment while steering away from the standard black and white. They would all look great in the Summer however I shouldn't tell myself that or I'll have so many shoes and nowhere to put them! What are your favourite pair?

Gemma x
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  1. I just brought my first pair of Converse at the weekend in gold! You can see them here

    Victoria x

  2. I love Converse!! My black mid tops are practically all I've been wearing lately. I also own a few grey pairs, including one without shoelaces, looks a bit weird but they're super comfy.
    Would like to try a slightly brighter colour though :) (Well, about ten years ago I used to have sky blue ones with red tips, but let's not go back to those days!)