June 18, 2013

Unfortunately the time has come and where we must finally say goodbye and part... After all the rumours and speculation it is finally official that in two weeks time GFC will be leaving us for good therefore leaving all bloggers converting to Bloglovin. I have only recently just gained loads of followers and I would hate to leave you all behind therefore I am letting you know that I would love for you to carry on the journey with me by following me on Bloglovin HERE!

Short, simple and sweet post, I just hope I got you guys attention and that you will carry on following me on bloglovin!

Gemma x

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  1. It's such a shame that GFC is going because I like you have only recently gained a substantial amount of followers and I don't have nearly as many on Bloglovin' :( Anyway, I'm following you and I'll leave my BL link if you want to do the same!

    Sarah Nunn // UK Style Blog