Free Shoes!

June 20, 2013

These shoes have been sitting in my wardrobe far too long and they need to get some use! They are a size 6/7 and have never ever been worn! They are around 12cm in height with a 3cm platform. I got them ages ago from Nelly, and they're still in their original packaging. Unfortunately they don't fit me despite being size 7 they are rather narrow and hard to get your foot into. I have tried to sell them but nobody has given me an offer therefore I am GIVING THEM AWAY! Yes for free, there's not much you get for nothing these days but I'm happy to give these shoes some life. If you do live far in that we can't meet up you will have to pay for postage and that's it :)

Gemma x

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  1. You can't be giving these away for free!? That's crazy....! I'm a solid 7 so I wouldn't mind taking these off your hands but I probably wouldn't fit in them! I hope you find someone to take them off your hands! ^_^

    Cat, XO

  2. Oh my life, can I please have these? They're stunning! I will be in London on the 20th? :) x