Dulux Ultra White Launch

June 12, 2013

So recently Dulux has launched their Ultra White paint and kindly invited me to their event to launch their paint. There were a variety of different rooms in the house to show how you can decorate and differentiate the rooms, we were also treated to some lovely nibbles and very strong white russians. I don't know about you but white paint screams to me classy, simple and elegant. Maybe it's something once you get older but I am dying to decorate my room all white, including furniture. I also have really gotten into home decor so looking around the rooms really made me envy the decor and detail and wishing to move in. As you can see from the picture above a lot of detail has gone in but the rooms look effortless and classic. 

Ultra White includes a combination of the toughest and brightest formulations leaving you with a clean white colour creating a spacious feeling. It also contains the 'Diamond Tough' formula which is washable and up to 20 times tougher. The paint contains 'LumiTec which is light reflective particles which refelct up to twice as much light back into a room making your walls look lighter and more spacious. Rebecca Thompson, Dulux Colour and Design Manager said: "With the introduction of Ultra White, this frequently used but often unappreciated colour really comes into its own". 

A mini sample was included in the goody bag so I will let you know how it goes as there is one of two patches I want to repaint in my room, maybe it will create a big difference, who knows! 

Gemma x

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