Dune AW13 Press Day

June 13, 2013


I was kindly invited to the Dune AW13 press day the other week and went with the amazing Clare who I pretty much go to all my events with now! I think I will set the mood off by saying that the press day was awesome, I'm not one for being a shoe addict but there wasn't a single pair of shoes I didn't like. They got the trends spot on and I loved the rangle of colours and style, I might even venture out and wear some colour! I also love the detailing in a lot of the shoes, very simple but eye catching. One of my favourite are 6, I think I even prefer it in white. I love the monochrome trend, it is so me and these shoes in white would be perfect as all my dresses are black so team it with some white shoes and tada! 

The press day has really made me want to explore different shoes and be a bit more daring, I can't wait to see the range online as there are plenty of shoes I have my eye on. I also have to say that the way they set up their press day was incredible, it was so beautiful and decorative that it really made the shoes stand out and give off a really autumn winter vibe. Despite being female I fell deeply in love with the mens shoes and bags, the top 3 pictures are from that range. I just loved the boots and all the satchels, who knows I may end up bagging myself a bag, see what I did there ey! 

Overall I'm really impressed with their press day, what shoes are your favourite?

Gemma x

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  1. Looks like an amazing day! Glad you had fun!

    Emma x

  2. typical that my favourite ones were from the mens range haha! great post :) jess xo


    1. haha mine too I feel in love with the mens range! xx

  3. really love the spotty bag!