Home Decor - Small Classic Birdcage Latern

June 02, 2013

Ok, so how cute is this latern?! Not only is it a candle holder for my million candles it is also in the shape of a birdcage. I don't know what it is I just think birdcages are so cute and chic. I think as we get older we get more into home decor and that is something that definately applies to me, I love finding new decoration to put in my room and make it look pretty. I came across dotcomgiftshop and they stock so much beautiful things not only for bedrooms but kitchens and stationary etc... They kindly gifted this birdcage which I selected, it comes it two sized small and large but I opted for the small because I felt it fitted better on my desk, which it does!

Now onto the actual product, it is coated white with a tattered effect which I love, it gives it a real vintage feel. It also has a hoop allowing you to hang which I think would be amazing in the garden! As you can see in the last picture it is really easy to take apart, I put my own candle in as it doesn't come with one. You simply twist the bottom and then pull off the lantern top and done! Really simple however the little tabs that keep the bottom and top attached snapped off for me which I was pretty disappointed with however it still functions fine you just have to be a bit more careful and it won't be able to hang or be portable now. Another thing I was disappointed with is that the stripes on the lantern were slightly bent and the bottom is slightly uneven, if I had paid for it I would have asked for a replacement. Again, however this can easily be fixed by just getting some pliers and giving it a pull here and there, not much handy work needed! 

Overall, for £10 I don't think you can go wrong, this little lantern would look perfect in any room. I have been looking for one like this forever and I am pretty much pleased with this despite some of the bent cage. I think for friends and family this is a perfect gift, especially as house warming presents. Go and check out their website for other beautiful bits that I will hopefully be reviewing in the future!

Gemma x

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