Atelier Cologne Event

July 26, 2013

I think the photographs speak for itself in how elegant and beautiful the products are! The other evening me and some blogger friends went to the Atelier Cologne event in Liberty and I was really surprised. I hadn't heard much about the brand before but after the talk I was completely drawn in especially to the thought and manufacturing of the scents. Atelier Cologne created the idea of Cologne Absolue. It is entirely a different fragrence with the mix of citruses and the traditional ingredients of a cologne. 

The bottles are made from precious metals, the real gold and silver add personality to the bottles as well as the real leather travel cases which you can get engraved for free. I think this is such a nice touch as this is now an accessory not just an invisible one. Behind each scent is a story which I think is also beautiful. So much thought has gone into the brand and products which is lovely to see. There really was a scent for everybody in the room as well, some fruitier than others. 

I was really blown away by the brand and how much thought had gone into a single product, I will definately be looking into the brand more as they create beautiful personal gifts for people. Have you heard of the brand before?

Gemma x

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