Millennium Hotel Cupcake Classes

July 27, 2013

(Photographs taken from Sharon)

So I was invited to another Millennium Hotel event where as this one was a cupcake class at the beautiful Kensington Hotel. Not only did I enjoy having a look around room as the hotel is so luxurious I had so much fun making the cupcake decorations. I cannot cook one single bit so actually coming out with amazing designs that are really simple was super fun. I went along with my friend Sharon and we really got the hang on making roses, I left there wanting to make a massive wedding cake however that did not happen. 

Millennium Hotel actually host cupcake classes such as this and has so many different rooms for a variety number of guests. The hotel really took me by surprise, it was huge with so many different rooms and views. There are rooms to suit everyone with this hotel having a more modern simplistic view where as the previous hotel I went to had a more work environment feel. If you haven't checked out Millennium Hotel and their hotels around the world I would definately give it a look!

Gemma x

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  1. This looks amazing! I'd love to try something like this x