Elemis - Skin Nourishing Body Scrub Review

July 12, 2013

Elemis - Skin Nourishing Body Scrub*

Personally, I think it's essential to have a decent body scrub during the Summer season. You will naturally show a bit more flesh than normal and I personally want my skin looking as best as it can therefore I like to invest in a decent body scrub and use it maybe 1-2 a week. As Elemis asked if I liked to review their Body Scrub I was surely not going to turn it down, especially as I'm so close to going to Egypt and want to get the best skin possible in order for me to tan better (go red). 

This scrub uses natural exfoliators such as rice and bamboo to polish the skin and making it refreshed. Sweet almond, macadamia and wheat germ oils are included to condition the skin leaving your skin soft and smooth! The smell of the product reminds me of the beach with a perfumed scent to it, I can't describe it but it is nice! Like I said I use it 1-2 a week applying it with either an exfoliating glove or cloth in circular motions all over my body. I then rinse it off and use a shower gel of my choice, usually dove! 

The particals aren't too harsh on my skin yet it exfloiates my skin really well. I love the results, the scent and the texture of the product, definately my go to scrub at the moment. Usually I use the soap and glory scrub but since running out this has been my replacement. For a student it can be pricey at £28.50 however you are getting 200ml worth of product and it really does pay off. If I had the money to buy this all the time then I definately would as it's something to invest it. If you're looking for a scrub I suggest you treat yourself and try out this one..

What's your 'go to' scrub?

Gemma x

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