Witch Mattifying Moisturiser Review

July 11, 2013

Witch Mattifying Moisturiser*

Not sure if you guys know or not but I'm a part of Witch's Flawless Friends which means I get to review and try out all their new products. I'm pretty excited about this as I love Witch as a brand, I think it does wonders for teenage skin yet not many teenagers know about it therefore I rave about it like mad! I love the packaging of this products it's sleek and bright! So this products claims to be a light forumla specifically designed for oily/combination skin. It helps combat shine, offers 24 hour hydration and even gives SPF 15 protection. Everybody loves a product with a bit of protection in right?

I'm always on the hunt for moisturisers as I go through them like there's no tomorrow, I really love this moisturiser especially as it's mattifying during this hot Summer days. Who would of thought I actually wrote that? It's also very light and I notice it doesn't leave any residue on the skin which is a big thing for me, I like to put moisturiser on without having sticky skin after. As all Witch products it contains Witch Hazel Extract which is another thing I love about their products, I find it really clears my skin up, especially the Blemish Gel which goes with me everywhere (thanks skin!). 

I think this is a perfect day moisturiser and also perfect to take on holiday as it's a good size, nice and light plus it gives you a bit of protection. I can see myself wearing this in the evenings in Egypt just for a bit of glow! Overall I'm very impressed with this product, it definately lives up to my expectations for a Witch product and can't wait to tell all my sister's friends to start using this! 

Have you tried any Witch products?

Gemma x

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  1. must check this out as i do need a new moisturiser x

  2. ah this sounds pretty good! I like the sound of a non-sticky aftermath!