Bakerdays Letterbox Cake Review

September 23, 2013

This is a slightly different post but it is justifiable as my birthday is only 2 weeks away! When Bakerdays got in contact and asked if I wanted to review their Letterbox Cake I couldn't say no. They have some of the most amazing designs on their website from personalised ones to photo cakes. I think they're so amazing when they're personal to the person, it adds a little something. You select the design of your choice, then the recipe. For this one I went for the Chocolate Chip Sponge Cake and it is incredible, I haven't tasted a chocolate cake anywhere as near this good. It is then made and sent to the address you gave and posted through their letterbox! I think they're great gifts for friends as it's a complete suprise, I mean who would expect a cake through their letterbox. It's even better if it was just a random thank you, I'm definately going to use this idea in the future. 

I'm so impressed by this brand, I've seen their name float around but never experienced their services. The cake comes in an adorable tin as well as a few balloons, candles and a blowout (I think that's what they're called!). They really have thought of everything as well as creating such a delicious cake. They do a variety of sized cakes as well as cupcakes (I really want to try these!). I think the pricing is really reasonable as the letterbox is only £15.00. You would pay this for everything you get in the box plus delivery is free for 7 working days! The cake is fresh for around 2-3 weeks and comes in perfect condition!

Would you ever send a friend/family one of these?
Gemma x

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