25 Things I Love About Christmas

October 10, 2013

Excuse the cringy Clip Art pictures but this had to be done. I love Christmas, I think it's one of the best times of year and when Dotcomgiftshop contacted me about their competition and to share things I love about Christmas I knew that it was right up my street. Initially I wanted to get an interactive advent calender but I'm not that technical so instead you were bombarded by Clip Art! 

1 - To me, Christmas time is family time and every year my family will come over to ours and we will spend the day together. It's so nice as our family is very small and close so I really enjoy celebrating it together. 
2 - The smell of the turkey coming out of the oven on Christmas Day, you really can't beat that. You may look at me crazy but I'm not a huge fan of a roast dinner however on Christmas it's essential, especially the pigs in blankets. 
3 - I remember every year my family and I would go downstairs and decorate the Christmas tree together. We're very proud of our decorations so we spend a while putting them up. When me and my sister were younger we used to fight on who put the angel on top haha.
4 - Weeks before Christmas I will go and get people their presents, there is nothing I love more than giving people stuff, it's just so nice to see their reaction and treat people once in a while.
5 - When friends and family come over around Christmas song my dad always gets out the cheesy Christmas music, but I have to say I love it. Nothing makes you feel more Christmasy than a bit of 'Rocking Around the Christmas Tree'!
6 - Every year I enjoy picking out that one Christmas dress, it's the time for when you can wear a full sequin dress in your home and not get funny looks for it. I love finding a dress that matches my mood and that really gets me in the spirit.
7 - Winter is my favourite time of the year but I love it more than ever when it snows around Christmas. It just makes me want to leap down the road with a big fat grin on my face thinking I'm in a movie or something. Making a snow man, having a snowball fight, snow is literally so much fun!
8 - I think everybody will agree with this next title - 'Home Alone'. It's a must right? You can't have christmas if you don't watch it at least 8 times and let me tell you that is something of a minimum in my house! Then you have the sequels etc...
9 - Chocolate, yum! My mum always buys a few tins of chocolate to put infront of our fireplace so while we are chilling in the front room we can have a little nibble. Of course all the good ones mysteriously go missing first and my dad complains but it's a tradition now, it would be weird without it!
10 - I love smiling. I love making people smile even more and during Christmas I just love to see the smiles, especially on Christmas Day. Looking around knowing that the things around me are the most important.
11 - I do love my tea, but a hot chocolate in the Christmas season cannot be beaten, by anything! Add a few marshmellows and cream, you can't go wrong really. Of course this will be by the time we have watched Home Alone for the fifth time. 
12 - I know I'm 19 and my sister is 16 but we still leave out milk and cookies to joke around with our parents. Obviously we have to try a few too incase the reindeers don't like them but it's a tradition and Christmas time is all about tradition.
13 - I love sending Christmas cards, I love sitting down writing personal messages to everyone. Every year we tape all the Christmas cards to our living room doors and I think it's just such a lovely idea when you get one posted through your door! Happy happy happy :)
14 - Not that I use Christmas time as an excuse to drink but it's not a proper Christmas Eve without opening a bottle of wine or two and getting the music playing! I especially love the mulled wine around Christmas, who would have thought hot wine would be so nice!
15 - I don't care when I say I get so excited the night before. Me and my sister as a tradition always sleep in the same room on Christmas Eve so that we wake up with a nice hot chocolate and go down to open our presents. Again, it's just tradition and I love it!
16 - I am a mahoosive candle lover and during Christmas my parents light up candles around our house as they usually never do. It's so nice sitting in the front room with the fire place on and a few candles, christmas music and food!
17 - I potentially have around a million hats, scarves and gloves but I love wearing them. I love wrapping up for Winter and during the Christmas period there is no rule on how funky your scarves are! I will be rocking my tartan one this year.
18 - On the note of there is no limit of funky scarves, you can't have a Christmas without a Christmas jumper. I already have mine from New Look and a few bloggers and I have agreed to go for a meal with our jumpers on. I can't wait!
19 - As much as I love receiving presents I love giving them. I usually do the presents that are loads of little bits and one big one, it's nice going out and just thinking what they will love and what their faces will look like once they open it up. I love treating people!
20 - Everyone still writes a Christmas list right? I definately do, I love that evening where you flick through about a hundred catalogues writing down the page number and the bit you like. I find it so fun and I get way too excited when I do it!
21 - We may be the only house that does it but we always have a crazy selection of christmas lights in and out of our house. It's like a disco, seriously! As tacky as they look I do love it, it's get you in the Christmas mood and it's a great excuse to get friends around - "Come check out the Christmas lights!".
22 - I guess I'm known as the photographer in the family and there is nothing more I love than getting my camera out during Christmas. Everyone is so happy, the lighting is incredible and I love capturing the memories!
23 - If you don't wear a Christmas hat at least once during the period then who are you?! I think I have 5 different types and I make sure if I'm working Christmas Eve I will be wearing it permanently that day.
24 - This may be a bit weird but I love going for evening strolls. You wrap up warm and the streets around you are glistening. Be it with your family or friends it's nice to just get out of the house and see all the Christmas lights.
25 - Lastly, and the most important, FATHER CHRISTMAS! I definately go along with the whole Father Christmas story, it's so fun. I love Christmas time and it wouldn't be complete with the man himself. My dad will usually dress up as him at least 3 times during the festive period.

It's safe to say I love Christmas, I love the smiles it puts on peoples faces and the memories it leaves you with. It's my favourite periods of the year and these are just some of the things I love! Bring on Christmas!

Gemma x

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  1. I love Christmas too.....
    You have lovely reasons! Fab post x