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September 20, 2013

Dress - Simplybe* 

I wasn't completely sure with this dress, it's bright, very bright for me but when I saw it in person I did fall in love just a little bit. It doesn't look as extreme in person as the pattern is much more subtle. I thought this dress would be perfect for Winter as I don't really wear trousers and the colours are really cool, it also has sleeves! I think I may actually chuck a jumper over this when wearing it to Uni in the Winter that way it won't be so bright yet nice and warm. The fit is good, it's quite tight around my bust but I find that a problem with a lot of dresses. A part from that it's very comfy really and now that I've just thought to put it with a jumper while writing this post I want to get one immediately and wear it forever. 

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Gemma x

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  1. love the dress! I want!

  2. This dress is gorgeous! Such a pretty print x

  3. That dress looks really good on you! :)