Spreaditfast Competition Prize

September 02, 2013

A while back I had won a competition on Spreaditfast to win the hamper set above. Every month they hold a competition to win amazing prizes and I was lucky enough to be the winner and receive these amazing products. This was perfect timing for me as I was going on holiday in a few weeks and a lot of these came in handy. My favourite product by far is the Ultrasun suncream, it is designed for super sensitive skin. I wouldn't say I had sensitive skin but I didn't burn once when using this product although I didn't feel like I tanned much so next time I would probably buy this again but in a lower factor. I literally was raving to my mum about this suncream, I could feel it on my skin, it was so easy to apply and it protected my skin so well. I noticed after it ran out and I was using another cream I burnt straight away as I was so used to applying suncream with the Ultrasun. 

I was interested in trying out the multi-vitamin and mineral support but as soon as I smelt it, it smelt of rats and I was turnt off majorly. There was no way I was going to get one of those down my throat! I gave this to my dad along with the ear plugs on the far left and he said he was impressed with the ear plugs as they were comfortable the tablets aren't as bad as they smell! I haven't used the Dioralyte but my mum has a cupboard full of medicine for everything you could possibly ever want so I gave that to her collection and lets hope we don't need to use it!

I have been using the palmers lip balm which again was so useful on holiday as my lips can dry out from the sun but not this time. They were always moisturised and I also loved the smell of the product, I will be purchasing this for my next holiday for sure! The triology kit on the right is also really nice, I had never heard of this brand before but was so impressed with the travel size and quality of the products. I took them away on holiday without even trying them which was silly but I really loved the products in the end and they kept my skin clear all holiday. 

If you haven't heard of spreaditfast before I would recommend signing up if you have a blog as they host amazing competition as well as campaigns!

Gemma x

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