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November 17, 2013

 Nail Rock - Nail Wraps*

I do love my nail art and when I received an email asking if I would like to review some nail bits I don't think I even hesitated. I'm always keen to see what new products are on the market as I really enjoy doing my nails however as being a teacher at the moment I rarely find a time to sit down and do them properly as well as them probably going to chip while at work. This is where nail wraps come in, they don't chip, they take about 1 minute to put on and you don't need to wait for them to dry. I sometimes feel they were made especially for me! 

These amazing nail wraps are from Nail Rock and I haven't really seen this type of pattern before, usually you get standard patterns and colours but this one is a slight wool texture with glitter in between. I would usually take a picture of them on however I'm saving them for a special occasion as they're way too nice to be wearing to work, if you are desperate to see that they are like on drop me an email and I'll send you a photograph of them!

The set comes with a mini file and small wooden stick to help you apply the nail wraps, it is extremely simple. Check for a nail wrap to suit your specific nail, place onto the nail from the cuticle to the tip of the nail. Slightly pull the end while stuck onto your nail and use a file in a downwards motion to detach any excess nail wrap. Personally I don't use the wooden stick but this could be used to apply the nail wraps or make sure it is flattened properly. 

What do you think of this design?
Gemma x

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  1. Very cool pattern! I'll have to try these out! New follower :)

  2. how fun are these! i'd really love to see them on your nails <3

    Check out my new blogpost! :)