Primark Jewellery Purchases

December 20, 2013

  Until I looked through my jewellery box the other day I didn't realise how much jewellery I had actually bought from Primark. They have started to do some really lovely statement necklaces at the moment and they're the place that I have been going when in need of one. 

My favourite at the moment is the top white one as it's lovely for Christmas time and is a very pretty shape. That was actually reduced to £4 which I think is a great price for that kind of necklace and I have already had so much wear out of it. I brought the earrings a while ago but forgot all about them so they will be making an appearance this Winter, I really do love that blue colour during Christmas time. The third necklace was simply just to replace an older, uglier version and this one is so pretty and delicate, it goes with everything and really adds texture to an outfit. The last necklace is another of my favourites as I don't have one like it at all, it really dresses up an outfit!

I really do love statement necklaces at the moment as they're the only thing I feel comfortable with going crazy with. I tend to wearing boring, dark colours but would straight away grab a bright, sparkly necklace. 

Have you brought any jewellery at the moment that you love?
Gemma x

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  1. I love the third necklace! I think I saw it in store and now I regret I didn't buy it! X

    1. It's so pretty! You should of got it Joannaaaaa :P x

  2. Love the last necklace! Great post!


  3. I love all oh them !! :) They are so beautiful, more particularly the third necklaces ;)
    xx From France :)