Simplybe Winter Coat Review

December 18, 2013

 Simplybe - Coat*

Sorry for the cheesy photograph at the end it just felt nessecary. Winter is my favourite time of the year and I love all the coats out at the moment however this year I decided that I would go for a bit of fur, not quite the full fur jacket yet but a little bit will help me into that direction. When Simplybe contacted me asking if I wanted to review a jacket from them I screamed yes and decided to follow my fur dreams. I picked out this beauty from the Joe Browns range. It's a lovely black quilted material with fur around the collar and a detachable belt around the waist to pull you in (this was perfect for my figure). I have kind of gotten into the habit of longer jackets now and this one sits on the top of my thigh. It's one of those inbetween jackets so it can look slightly weird with dresses but perfect with leggings and jeans. It's also slightly fitted as well which is great as it keeps me warm but doesn't make my look bulky however if I were to layer up I would feel uncomfortable so if you like your jumpers and knits, size up!

I think this jacket can and will go with everything and it's super flattering which is a big thumbs up from me as I hate it when jackets make you look bulky. £65.00 for a jacket isn't that bad in price these days especially when this one is so versatile and comfy. If you are in need of a new jacket treat yourself to this from Simplybe for Christmas or take a look through their jackets as they have an amazing range! 

Do you need a new jacket?
Gemma x

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