NEXT Hi Summer 14 Event

February 05, 2014

 Despite having a hectic day I made sure that I attended Next's Hi Summer 14 Event. As discussing with the lovely Emily, no matter what age you are, you are guaranteed to find a fashionable outfit at Next. Now I did get carried away snapping the collection however, above are some my favourites from their collections, especially the camo shift dress and monochrome zig zag skirt! I am really impressed with the collection and they have really covered all of the summer trends so well. I'm really loving their pastel collection, I might have to nab a few of the jumpers already as they would be perfect at the moment.I really loved their attention to detail on the collection and their focus on prints, if you saw my instagram I snapped a few prints which really caught my eye. 

I think this Summer, the second to last neon shift dress is going to be massive hit as so many people snapped this dress and said how much they loved it. When talking to the girls at Next one of them was wearing a pale lemon crop jumper and I thought this would look perfect with the dress at the moment. I love layering and wearing jumpers with the dress and it just shows you how versitile the collection is. Or maybe that's just an excuse that I want everything now...

What do you think of the collection? What's your fav?
Gemma x

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  1. Wow i can't wait to see the collection in stores! Great photos!

    I am now following you on google +, GFC & Blog lovin :)

    1. Some are in stores already :)
      Thank you x

  2. great selection!
    following you via gfc and bloglovin now. hope you'll follow me, too!
    happy day!

  3. Replies
    1. My favourite thing about Summer coming up :) x

  4. Amazing!! Great photographs, and that printed skirt is perfect.

    Lace and Lipstick Stains

    1. Thank you! The skirt is one of my favourites :)

  5. thanks following you now on gfc, cant wait to see more of your amazing posts!