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March 13, 2014

Graze - Nibble Box*

I'm so excited as I've just booked a holiday with friends to Turkey! Booking this holiday has given me a kick up the bum and made me want to be a bit healthier so I can feel confident in my swim wear around the pool. Graze has made a huge impact the last year or so because of their healthy and delicious snacks that arrive to your door. What is even better is that you usually can get your first box free (I have a code if anybody would like it!) and from then on you pay around £3.39 per box! I think the cost is totally affordable as that would be your snacks for the week and delivery is free, woo! 

In your nibble box you get 4 little boxes of snacks which you can always chuck in your bag for the day and they display what's so good about the delicious snack e.g low calories or lots of minerals. I love that fact that these snacks I would never put together myself but I love the taste of them. A new one that I've seen if the thai soy bites which are ridiculously good, especially with the sweet and sour sauce! I also really enjoyed the apple crumble, not usually one for apple but with the cinnamon almonds and raisins it was delish! I'm so impressed with the selection and tastyness of these boxes, they're so worth the price as well.

Have you tried a Graze box?
Gemma x

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  1. I get a Graze box every few weeks....I love them....Shame I can happily eat the full box in one x