Anti Ageing Products at 20?

March 08, 2014

 I think there's a lot of talk around when is the right age you need to start using anti ageing products. If somebody said that I needed to use them at the age of 20 I would of laughed in their face, but when I went to the Elemis Skin Lounge and the assessment said I have a few wrinkles already, it made me think twice... I'm not saying that the wrinkles are visible, but I would like to keep it that way.  Wrinkles aren't just for 'old' people, they can be caused by exposure to UV rays to simply repeated facial expressions. Another big misconception is that anti ageing products are only used by old people. The products are used to prevent visible signs of ageing and counteract the damaging effect of everyday polluction, so technically they can be used at any age!

Personally, I don't want to look back and say that I wish I had used those products so I've decided to use an anti ageing product now and then instead of just chucking them in bin thinking I don't need them. I'm not saying to everybody start panicking as I think 20 is still 'young' but I do want to look after my skin. Seeing as my results have come back with some wrinkles within my skin already I want to take action now. I'm currently using (and loving) the Elemis Cellular Recovery Skin Bliss Capsules*. They're small capsules that you use in the morning and night by tearing them open and massaging the oil into your skin. They take so little time to apply for the sake of looking after your skin. The pink is for the morning and green is for the night time and I am loving the texture as it isn't too heavy but smooth to apply. It also sinks into the skin really well! I'm not expecting any drastic results, however over the long run, I'm hoping for my skin not too age as quickly and it's also a great protection for my skin everyday at the moment! 

Gemma x

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