Mothers Day Flowers - Debenhams + 15% off!

March 21, 2014

Mothers Day is quickly approaching and without a doubt I get my mum a bunch of flowers as well as a gift. For me, flowers just make me smile, especially when they're as colourful and beautiful as the bunch above! I've only started working recently with Debenhams Flowers but they are without a doubt the first call when I go to buy flowers for someone. Why? They always turn out as gorgeous as on the site, they are carefully delivered and they always have that extra special touch. Some of them come with gifts, chocolate and/or wine. What could be a better gift?!

The bunch I received are these beauts but in extra large, that £10 makes a huge difference! There are loads of other choices though, so if these are not your bunch then browse their other Mothers Day Flowers and I'm sure they will be something to your taste. If I had the choice I would get these sent to me every week, it adds a lovely touch to rooms and really brightens it up. I'm definately going to be hinting to everybody that my birthday is 6th of October and I like flowers from Debenhams. Well, not really hinting but hey!

Despite getting these beautiful bunch, I also have a 15% off code to offer you lovely guys! The code is MDBLOG15, so make sure you grab yours quickly before you forget like some people did last year... Not me...

Gemma x

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