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March 22, 2014

Time again for my scent of the week and this beaut of a scent is definately worthy of this post. In all honesty, the packaging isn't my kind of thing and isn't something I would have been drawn to in a shop.However the bottle inside is beautiful and so minimal it screams glamour. More importantly the scent screams SMELL ME. I love this scent and I would never have thought to buy this but now that I have smelled it I feel I need to tell the world. 

This beauty of a scent is £43.99 at Fragrance Direct saving you £6 for its normal RRP. Everyone loves a good bargain right! And what is even better, this would make a perfect gift for Mothers Day, I know this would be right up my mums street. Its a really sweet and elegant scent that I feel would be perfect for an afternoon/evening occasion. They also do this in a 30ml and 100ml so whatever you feel is suitable. I know this is going to be a statement eau de toilette in my basket. I'm literally sitting here just smelling my wrists where I've sprayed it, it's that good. I tend to have a lot of day perfumes and fragrances so this is a good one to add the collection as it's different but still lovely to smell. 

Are you getting any perfumes for Mothers Day?
Gemma x

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