My Elemis Facial Experience

March 06, 2014

The other week I was kindly invited down to the Elemis Skin Lounge in Debenhams on Oxford Street to experience an amazing Skin Radiance Facial* by Olivia. The treatment lasts 30 minutes and costs £30, you really do get your moneys worth! I'm not usually too keen on facial, I would prefer to opt for a massage but the facial was extremely relaxing and I saw immediate results in my skin from the facial. I am now a converted fan!

So I turnt up to the skin lounge where I was greeted by the lovely Olivia and taken over to this bizare computer area. I was a bit confused at first however I was told that the computer would take a photograph of my skin and give me a skin analysis to see what I need done within the facial. This machine is seriously amazing, it gives you an assessment report on spots, wrinkles, texture, pores, brown spots and red areas and then I spoke to Olivia in what she would recommend I use in future as well as selecting products for the facial that will suit my skin type etc... This really was personalised to me and the needs of my skin and felt a lot more reassuring as the areas I needed attention to were getting it. 

After the assessment I was taken into the room and I pretty much fell asleep from there, it was so relaxing. She cleanserd my face using the Cleansing Balm (my favourite product ever!) and then applied the facial. I can't remember the exact steps because I was just enjoying the pampering but my skin felt so healthy and looks glowing afterwards. I was also given a hot stone massage on my shoulders and neck which is the best experience in the world, I could have sat in the chair for the whole day. Speaking of the chair, it gave you a full body massage which made you feel as if you were in heaven, I need one of those at home!

Overall, I'm so impressed with this facial. Tucked away in Debenhams on Oxford Street it's the perfect place to go and receive a facial. It suits your skin type and every treatment is personalised to you, I'm seriously addicted and could probably live in the room forever with the massage chair. They offer so many different treatments, all that are extremely affordable and great to just pop into as it's very centrally located. 

Gemma x

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