Debenhams New Look

March 07, 2014

I was invited by the lovely Steph down to the Debenhams store in Oxford Street and ever since I was shown around I have been spending a lot of time in there... Not too long ago, Debenhams invested £25 million in their seven floor flagship store to give it a bit of a revamp. With Debenhams being the oldest department store in the UK it now has seven floors, the largest show hall and lingerie department (heaven right?), new and different lighting on every floor, plus sized mannequins and many more. The biggest surprise for me was to see that they don't just sell clothes and beauty products. The store has three amazing restaurants which all have a different vibe and style of food. It also has many beauty rooms tucked away such as a hair dressers, spa and more! You can easily spend the day in Debenhams and will definately find something to buy as they have 21 designers and 80 new product lines! Then grab a spot to eat, treat yourself and get pampered and that's the day done!

Debenhams is one of those classic stores where I used to think if I needed something classic I would occasionally pop in there but with their revamp the store looks so fresh, clean and vibrant and has such an amazing atmosphere! It's somewhere I would now think to go first in future and it's a great excuse to go shopping as it has everything you need in one store. Even if you don't have anything to buy head down to Oxford Street and go and check out the store yourself, you will be blown away! 

Gemma x

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